Thursday, March 03, 2005

Resistance is futile: surrender to the hard lesson.

Ah light, am I really here again? It has been so long.

Once again I feel that I am being educated about limits. And yes, again, I am spending time looking outside myself to trace the causes of these events, even as I know it doesn't matter. Even as I believe that my Greater Self intends this challenge to be an education, once again attempting to correct that part of me that is under the illusion that I possess control over my life and relationships.

Now that I am again, for this moment, fully conscious of my inability to forestall the inevitable, the right action, of course, is to lay down my arms. For now, my power in the situation has come to an end.

It seems that I am chronically relearning that my life is subject to forces much more powerful than my ego. I suppose, in an ironic way, this dark hour actually provides me with some evidence that I am not abandoned, even if the proof appears to be coming in the form of a cosmic chastisement.


I will repractice my stillness. And my quiet. And I will relearn the fine art of wu-wei, which battles often with my sometimes complete lack of trust.


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