Thursday, February 17, 2005


Where do you keep finding these? Yes, I will post it and here I am doing so. Good timing because I had nothing else really to post -- busy busy girl today -- and Guild Wars this weekend so will probably be post-less for a few days.

This can keep you guys busy until my return.

"There is a method..."
True Seer: You see the patterns of chaos and from
your favored medium can glimpse the future.
Perhaps you scry in the intestines of
sacrifices, gaze into crystals, watch the
static on TV, or just converse with the Truly
Dead. Whatever your art, your talents are
prized by the powerful, ignored by the foolish
and coveted by the weak.

What Malkavian are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm not *any* type of Malkavian. I don't even know what a Malkavian *is*. I took the quiz anyway, just to see what type I *would* be and


it doesn't sound so good:

"I wonder if Kermit bleeds green. C'mere Muppet-Boy."
Stereotypical Malky: Your mirror's cracked, but in such a stupid, silly, or frivolous way. Technically, you should have been wiped out around 1997 or so. You disgrace your clan. If your sire hasn't destroyed you yet, let's hope the Prince bloodhunts you both.

February 17, 2005  
Blogger Ladarna Daorsa said...

ah ha ha *ha*.

Caroline! Well, at least it nailed you with the "I wonder if Kermit bleeds green. C'mere Muppet-Boy" because that is EXACTLY what you would say. I feel like I've even *heard* you say that already at some time or another.


February 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But of course...

"If I just sit here quietly, noone will notice. If I just sit here quietly, noone will notice. If I just sit here quietly, noone will notice."

Normal Malky: As long as you don't blow your cover, nobody will know that you're (a. crazy; b. a vampire; c. an immediate threat to national security.) You keep your cool, generally stay under the protective cloak of Obfuscate, and try to let as little out about your true nature as possible. Conformity means survival, something the rest of your clan should take to heart.

February 17, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would have thought you would get this one right along with me. While True Seer does nail you, no doubt I can perfectly see you lying on the beach looking up and saying this stream of consciousness, in that *voice* you have... I can even hear the low growl when you'd get to "Yes... destruction..."

"Jeez, Carrie, it's just blood..."

Antitribu Malky: Oh dear Gods why can't they see that the way and the light and all things good and pure and all the heavens and hell and all things bad and all things that bleed and every star and every worm and you and me--why can't they see that we are all of us the same? And we are all destruction. Yes...destruction..."

March 03, 2005  

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