Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hanging Man

When you are forced into a relationship situation where you can only observe events unfold, how can you be held responsible for the results?

It's very important to be able to use periods of censure and 'helplessness' to study a relationship situation in detail. I believe these kinds of predicament release me from the obligations and responsibility of being in control. Instead, it's very important that I serve as witness to what happens when vindictive types get their hands on the wheel.

It's easy to be accused of apathy at such times, when people don't realize that the best and most prudent course may be for me to stay neutral and learn from the temporary periods of chaos that follow mob psychology. It's interesting how much projection you must endure when all you are doing is remaining still and observing. What, really is expected of me? I mean, when one is caught short and strung up, he or she can't be blamed for what comes next.

Forgiveness may be a wise and useful companion in such a situation. Both of yourself and those who are not seeing anything beyond their own immediate issues.


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