Saturday, February 05, 2005

King of Wands

I find it odd, the times I notice myself drifting along undecided about a relationship. It seems I am then woefully unprepared when decisive moments arise. How can I implement my will when I don't even know it?

Perhaps it is that the ebb and flow of the power to 'direct' a relationship soothes into some kind of complacency. Perhaps at the moments when I have no direct power, I forget that there will be times that I will. Making the best of 'leadership' opportunities requires a great deal of psychological and emotional self-knowledge. I believe that many people have negative or mixed programming about success, achievement, striving, and competition. Those mixed emotions keep us from rising to our true potential even when the openings we have prayed for finally appear.

One should always be prepared for circumstances which require that we show our hand and defend our positions without hesitation. It is important to think like a wise warrior in these situation, and be ready for an all-out effort to attain your relationship goal.


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