Monday, January 17, 2005

Home Safely

Ah, light of the heavens, I am so very tired. Pocito and I were so extremely tired yesterday, after our late return the night before, just mostly slogging through waiting for bedtime, when we were unexpectedly invited to a birthday BBQ. We vowed we would not stay late and then somehow didn't end up leaving until 1:00 in the morning. Such things don't happen all that often because one or the other of the little ones generally melt down much earlier, but it was a very harmonious night. We forced ourselves out of bed at 9:48 this morning because one of the nannies was due at 10:00.

Sleeping so late -- good gods, 10:00 is practically mid day in my world! -- was extraordinarily pleasing. I'm now having a cup of Italian coffee I was gifted with in Malibu and then I'm going back to bed. Nannies make me such a more pleasant person.

This is mundane, to be sure, but I've yet to completely decompress and assimilate the pleasure that was my trip. More obscure, lyrical and esoteric posts on the subject to come later.


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