Monday, January 10, 2005


Lovely lovely lovely weekend of little sleep and much role play. Level 11, just so you know. The damn bird almost topped me, max'ing at level 10 before we got booted. That thing is a melee monster and always just itching for a fight. I was considering trading him for lynx, when i happen to find one, but I've grown fond of his big, gangly cocky attitude. The elementalist was his usual brash, unorganized, non-tactic-using self, running hither and yon and being a blight to my more strategic sensibilities and the Malkavian was beautifully brooding in appearance and it always made me smile to see him in front of me. Smiles of pure joy that burst out almost every time our paths crossed and that he will never know about, and that would probably cage him in some way if he did...

In other news: To L.A. tomorrow, to breathe with my fellow Tantrist, among other visits, guestings and parties. So, expect not much from me for another week. I have not lost my resolve to write often, but intend to spend the rest of the week either laughing in merriment or in that space wherein the anicent connection between the mind and the heavens is complete.

Wish me power.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She said, this is our time, she said, this is our place. This is the space my heart wants to be. Little darling close your eyes, there'll be no compromising. All the things she said, she said."


Journey well.

January 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, hell, if we're doing lyrics: "And I'll promise you I will treat you well, My sweet angel, So help me, Jesus."

And ever was she an Adept of sensual realization, the awareness and enlightenment of the body and the somatic nature....

C'mon home, little sister, and you will be washed clean of the sins of the spirit you've committed in the last year

January 11, 2005  

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