Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm A Pepper

omg, watched The Life Aquatic in bed last night and I'm totally delighted. Why hadn't anyone told me about this movie? Or, errr, had they and I just didn't listen (always a good possibility)?

Not a "laugh out loud every five minutes" movie, but could this movie have any more brilliantly crafted comedic details? Could Bill Murray be any more brilliant? I was hypnotized by the madness and need to watch it again because surely there were other tiny hidden details of a mad mind that I totally missed.

This movie is totally worth it just for the acoustic foreign language Bowie songs in every scene. ::laughing out loud:: That was too fucking perfect. Also, the fact that they doled out $600+ Glocks to every crew member but every other object was old and busted was a perfect detail. Ugh. There are too many little details to mention. Ah ha ha ha, but the "I'M A PEPPER" shirt had to be one of the most hilarious.

Gah, I totally loved that movie and have to watch it again because it's like a 'hidden pictures' page and how many other things did I not see?

Surely the most mundane of my posts, but Jim and I were lying in bed entranced last night and I still have that nice glow this morning. That movie and the mad brilliance hidden in ever scene makes me feel much less alone in the world! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Brilliant. I thought of you during the scene with the "I'M A PEPPER" shirt and knew you had to have laughed out loud at that one.

February 03, 2005  

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