Monday, January 24, 2005

The Sun

So, over tea and chess this morning, while I force him to listen to the acoustic version of "Happy" by Sita over and over again, the boy I tripped over in the book store awhile ago says:

"Perhaps you are simply treading water in a high tide of escalating consequences."

The context is utterly unimportant but isn't that a lovely thing? I shall surely be using that at some point, in some conversation. There's something so beautifully and contradictorily wise, pithy and offhand about it all at the same time.

And after I recovered from my laughter and had kissed him on the neck as reward for such a delightful sentence, I thought about how often people lose confidence in the belief that the sacred power of their original nature attracts the right people to them.

I would advise all to place their confidence in their own Higher Self. Throw off the negative cultural conditioning that keeps you from knowing your true beauty and the power of your charm. Step into the full light of truth so that your deepest motives, principles and mission may reflect their brilliance. People squander so much energy, giving power away to people who criticize or "shame" them. It is my belief that your authentic shining self, if unsupressed and if projected without too much cleverness, will be a magnet to attract special people who truly appreciate you.

Or perhaps I was just too brainwashed by Donald Shimoda in my younger years.

(but, really, when I was walking along reading and tripped and fell over his outstretched legs, where he was sitting and reading, he looked at me so cheerfully and said "I assure you, I did not do that merrily!" Nor was he surprised when I answered with a Sunday's quote and we've been playing chess every since. I pity people who have such encounters and are shy or speechless or awkward or scurry off with eyes downcast and make nothing of the million of tiny moments that make up our lives.)


Blogger Ladarna Daorsa said...

And, you, when you read this, know that I rank the remark right up there with yours of "trapped in a squalid psychochemical ghetto of chronic low spirits."


January 24, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Glad you still remember the quote. Maybe you can use them together: "Perhaps you are treading water in a high tide of escalating consequences, or it might be that you are simply trapped in a squalid psychochemical ghetto of chronic low spirits."

Still waiting to hear your report of your visit. *wink*

January 24, 2005  

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