Saturday, February 12, 2005

The seeker looks through his bars, not the open wall.

"Opposition" is that which blocks movement and direction in existence. Of course, our blocks test our commitment to journey. Without obstructions I do not believe we would persevere because things which come too easily are soon lost and unvalued. It is perhaps telling to notice what internal response opposition evokes; it is often just a shrug of the shoulders and unruffled change of path. The times it causes anger, resentment and angst, however, are the ones that bear study.

While it is easy to remain victimized by what opposes us, complaining and angry, it seems much more sensible to change our perspective and seek openings where openings are possible. To remain in opposition keeps us from using energy to go forward in life.

If the path is one you wish to remain on, it is important to stop protesting and complaining and instead do something creative with every difficulty.


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