Monday, February 14, 2005


Oh, light, inner and outer harmony is such cause for celebration in romantic relationships. There are days, like today, when I have achieved a level of perfect harmony -- both within myself and with those to whom I am romantically involved. And it's this feeling of rejoicing that outweighs any normal tendencies to bicker or compete. On such days, it's as if my life is like one big happy family -- all the players enjoy a sense of fulfillment.

Today, my entire psychic life is in order. My entire inner family -- including my inner child, parent self, confused adolescent, sharp and capable professional -- are working together. I am just so completely *satisfied* on all levels.

It is important to take note of what this feels like and keep it conscious, even as relationship circumstances change, as they undoubtedly will, and my sub-personalities try to reassert themselves. This is the optimal state for mental, physical, interpersonal, and spiritual health.

And it's so near dark and the jacuzzi awaits, and the 120" diagonal screen, and Kung Fu Hustle which I've been dying to see, looking, as it does, to be right up my alley. Mmmm... bubbly warm water, my head on Jim's shoulder and (hopefully) a great flick and I can ask for no more. Oh! I can. If only the *wind* would start blowing. It is supposed to be carrying kisses and they have yet to arrive. But, that is the only blight on an otherwise happy, harmonious and beautiful evening.


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