Friday, February 18, 2005

Tried, Failed and Moved to a Place More in Kindred

I find that the older I get, the less and less I like *real* complications. Oh, petty problems that people have, i treat in the nature of a puzzle but *complicated* people tire me. Harmony is good, and simplicity, and I like my loved ones to be able to just join together in gratitude and appreciation of the now.

I am in a good place, as my previous harmonious posts would indicate. Just now, it feels as if my whole world feels like rejoicing. It's a time of high-fulfillment between me and those I love and I wish I knew how to extend it toward those I want to be involved with.

Right now, petty problems appear diminished within the larger perspective of the collective human drama. Friends seem to be everywhere. Cooperation and support, love and desire, prevail.

Lest you all dismiss this serenity, however, take note that I am aware that this harmonious situation was not arrived at without stress and challenge.

But right now it is impossible for me to do other than equate this magic moment with the clarity that follows inclement weather - it is all the more precious in contrast with what came before. Even if it cannot stay this way forever, this is a sublime and magical moment for me, my loves, and the world.

If only I could help you feel the blessing of the Creators raining down upon the creations in a sacred moment of recognition.


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