Monday, June 04, 2007

The seeker is tied to tree by leather thongs.

How many times must we relearn it, darlings? How many times will we forget what we have already written here month after month after month: We reject only ourselves. No one can reject us, though they can say No to us. To avoid losing, we lose. To escape punishment, we punish ourselves. To invite rejection we act worthless. They key to change, of course, is to express vulnerability directly rather than making others suffer for it through our blaming tactics.

She said today "it is insane. It's not even normal. ... it opens you up to so much emotion and reactive feelings" and had I not already been planning to write of it this morning, that would have spurred me. Because again I am reminded of how easily our choices and attitudes thwart that which wants to move through us. Suffering is resistance to the life force, and that's that.

The best cure for suffering is to allow its intense energy to crack open resistances to reality. We've proven this true in all areas. Resisting pain makes it worse, we've studied that. How often have I advised you use the pain to teach you lessons that pleasure never could? Let go to the energy of challenge, stay present, process, and let tension purge you, causing breakthroughs to new life and consciousness.

Yes, that we know.

*Your* task remains to give up attachments to yourself which make you defensive and resistant to life's challenges, causing pain.

Mine? So it remains: To remember that grounding lies in balancing, not in seeking certainty.