Thursday, May 19, 2005

Making Out With Nietzsche Under The Stairs

You scored as Existentialist. Existentialism emphasizes human capability. There is no greater power interfering with life and thus it is up to us to make things happen. Sometimes considered a negative and depressing world view, your optimism towards human accomplishment is immense. Mankind is condemned to be free and must accept the responsibility.









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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I've been thinking, in between things, and I cannot express how much I think people would be best served by becoming more aware of how much value, beyond money, that they have to contribute to their most special relationships (or all relationships for that matter). It makes me happy when people are in a position to discover that their life force, their consciousness, their intimate relationships, and their value to the world are all the same thing. It's so important to have an awareness of your contribution, and the path of your fulfillment in this life. Obviously, I believe that everything we achieve is a reflection of our character and personality. I only wish that people would spend more time seeking such awareness and such understanding.

And the moments I am reminded that life on this planet is a fragile miracle, and every moment is a fresh opportunity for rebirth, startle me every time they come. The pace and stresses of life often obscure my appreciation for that ever-unfolding miracle. But, occasionally, events *do* remind me to look beyond time and ask, "What part of this is real?" And you know something? Love is real. And love abides. In all it's forms.

I try so hard to teach to my son, and yet so often forget myself, to let sincere love express itself honestly in our relationships every day. It's so vital to be aware that you can never be sure of anything. Circumstances determine outcomes without considering our preferences but, really, don't you think that whatever you enshrine in your heart exists in eternity, as a pure note in the collective harmony?

I guess, if there *is* a collective harmony, that is.

I *do* think it praiseworthy to give your all for something or someone who means a lot to you, and I try to express that to people when they are tired and want my advice. But, still, what they seem slower to understand is that no one is served by stepping over the line in to masochism and martyrdom. Their appeal is such a trap, and such a halt to all that is evolution.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


There are times when you must realize that you can not look for a lot of attention from a loved one, from anyone. It should not be so hard for people to maintain a detached attitude about any space between them and another.

The reality is sometimes you happen to be connected to one who sometimes falls down an interior well. And, yes, this person may not send many signals out to the rest of the world for long periods of time when that happens. This could be a sign of secret sorrows or it could be about some kind of incredible creativity that is demanding full inner attention. Or, err, it could just be that they are really really busy.

Do not forget that not every person is capable of reporting to friends and family about their deepest personal processes. You cannot know what is happening until more time has passed, and one thing I know for *sure*:

The person will thank you for not projecting your imagination upon him or her in the meantime.