Thursday, June 02, 2005

Centering in Truth

Truth involves establishing an aware relationship between your inner core and the circumstances in your life. Centering in truth involves the ability to perceive a fundamental wisdom, reflected within yourself - and also in others.

Truth is transformed into Power when you disperse all prejudice and make yourself receptive to the world as it really is. This power can be a remarkable force - and yet is rarer than generally imagined. It can be maintained only by cultivating a genuine openness to things as they are - a willingness to see, rather than merely look.

Whenever your inner life is clouded, your influence in the world is under a shadow. If you are fearful, you will be attacked; if you cloak genuine mysteries in dogma, opportunities for new insight will be lost. If you vacillate in upholding your principles, you will be tested. Yet, when you are firm and strong, the power of truth can break through even the most stubborn minds. Most importantly, your own.


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