Thursday, April 21, 2005


There are times when attraction is so strong, but still the relationship is not destined to last. And while I do not think these situations need be avoided, I do think it is important to be careful - the coming together of disparate forces is not always what it seems. There are times when an apparently harmless, but potentially dangerous, element has attracted attention to itself and is pulling on a stronger one. When power shifts into the hands of those unprepared for it, there is always the very real potential for harm to come to all parties involved.

Still, I do not think you need fear meetings with those whose positions and aims and experience levels are widely different from your own, so long as you know you are free of ulterior motives.

I know there are some people who think that as soon as a dangerous liaison presents itself, that is the time to speak up and nip it in the bud. However, there are times when the meeting of the yielding and the strong turn out to be opportunities for truly positive and constructive -- if temporary -- relationships.

The difference between careless connection and a relationship of depth lies in the motives of the heart. Remember to ask yourself in all that you do and say: How sincere are you?


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