Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In each other's arms, they release the life force.

Let's talk about sex, darlings, and love, I suppose. Or what is commonly considered those things. Or, better yet, what is *not* commonly considered those things.

Sex in whatever form it takes, is expression, is revelation, is liberation.

Release is the break-out of energy from the form which contains it. And doesn't that sound sexual right there?

All life generates energy as part of its essential vitality. The pressures of coping with the world evoke repression or release. What you do not express gets pushed under, building the unbearable tensions which, in my opinion, cause compulsive living.

The key, in my opinion, to sexuality is to use it for renewal and expression of the life force. Learn to both go with the energy and to direct it. We increase the intensity until the quickening explodes in a great release, destroying the old, creating the new.

So it is for me. So I would wish it for everyone.

Which brings us to love, doesn't it? Or, so it does for me.

Which is also ultimately about release.

And, darlings, we release by letting go, not by force.

And if you don't understand how that relates to love, then you didn't read to the end of my ankles post!

There can be no desire, or control, or conditions. Those are the Ego's logistics of relating. And, yes, I project, wanting things not realizable, wanting what I imagined, wanting what I didn't know I wanted until you didn't have it anymore -- and all those things hurt my acceptance of you as are. And we've already talked about relating to be related to. But love is a commitment to the integration of what is evoked in our relating, because ultimately it is my way of affirming your being as I affirm my own.

Love because you love, darlings. That's enough. Because that's everything.

And when you don't love? Integrate that, too. Because that is also enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer my email because this is my answer? I will apply it my relationship and see if it helps. We thank you. Or that is wrong track? I will apply it to myself.

And, if this not in response to my email, than I apologize and thank you anyway.

January 22, 2008  

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