Saturday, January 19, 2008

It even hurts my fingers to type this.

“A person, who no matter how desperate the situation, gives others hope, is a true leader.”

-- Daisaku Ikeda

I cannot seem to get my hands warm today. Not for anything. It's like that last bit of energy required to move the blood to those extremes, just isn't there. And I can't help occasionally touching myself on the neck, on the belly, on the calf, on the ankle -- can't help feeling the temperatures change and feeling myself shiver.

El Nino said (after saying "gah! don't touch me!") while watching me press back of fingers to neck: *Oh*, are you trying to make your hands *warm*?

I said: *No*, I am trying to make my *neck* cold.

He said: *Ah*

I said: *Ah*

I would very much like to be tucked into bed. And to fall asleep hearing my child's laughter in the other room.


Anonymous aspyre said...

I'm often told, "cold hands, warm heart", which I think is a nicer way of saying, "Gah, don't touch me!"

As with most things, I've found that garlic medicinally helps.

January 20, 2008  

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