Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The rainbow warrior emerges from her old self.

How willing are you to let go of the old and totally transform?

Anyone who has gone through rebirth, either self-initiated or totally demanded, knows their life is no longer their own. They live now for essence and not the fixed values of the past. They let themselves undergo daily deaths, giving up egocentricities and ego desires, to be continually reborn into greater purpose.

External actions are no substitute for dealing with inner urgency and a step toward transformation is discovering the meaning in each day: Try to never end your day without recalling something new and meaningful. You will be surprised -- once you have given up the desire to find only New and Meaningful -- at how many truly meaningful things occur.

Too often all of the thoughts that run through a day are an effort to *become*: You say to yourself in effect "Look at the past, you certainly did that well" (be more like that in the future) or "Look what happened, you sure made a fool of yourself" (don't be like that again) or "Take what you are experiencing now, for example; here's how you can use it to your advantage" (in the future).

As long as you are thinking, you are not fully present.

In order to see more clearly, one need to take notice of what they can already see, rather than look for what they "should" be able to see but can't.

And always remember: The danger with insights is that they are oversimplifications. No one thing is more profound than any thing else.


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