Sunday, July 31, 2005

So Polly realized....

"[Y]ou are not the only one watching the world, other people are also people, while you watch them they watch you, and they think about you while you think about them. The world isn't just about you."

--Monstrous Regiment, Terry Pratchett

This weather allows me to do nothing put read and sculpt and have sex and sleep. El nino runs amok under the care of innate self-sufficiency and 20-something nannies, while his mom surrenders to the rain and a spirit freed from the heat.

So it goes every summer at this time. We'll regroup in a week or two, joined together by our yearly pleasure at the Perseid and then life will fall back into routines and team-work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When the bliss of Consciousness is attained, there is the lasting acquisition of that state in which Consciousness is one's only Self, and in which all that appears is identical with Consciousness. Even the body is experienced as identical with Consciousness."

"... Awareness of the perceiver and the perceived is common to all beings. But with Self-realized yogis it is different; they are aware of them as one."

August 10, 2005  

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