Friday, July 15, 2005

Clinging Like Fire

Flames cling to their source of fuel in order to keep the fire burning. Likewise, in the human world, everything that radiates light or love is dependent upon something else. Through these dependencies we discover that everything is related, each thing to the other. Awareness of your own dependency on others is the key which unlocks the door to your true place in the world. No one is an island.

Fire is also a symbol of liberation - crackling little molecules flying away from home. Paradoxically, by clinging to what is right and proper, we gain inner freedom.

In spite of challenges, it is important to cling to what is luminous in yourself, in others, and in life itself, never forsaking your belief in what is right. When events seem foreboding, or people seem oppressive, remember the good that has been and is yet to be. Holding to this idea is to cling to the power of the light, the force which enables inner darkness to be illuminated.


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