Sunday, July 24, 2005

Me and the Boy, Balancing Two Swords

How often people do not realize that when you give up thinking yours is the only reality, it opens you to being able to recognize and respect diversity of thought and experience.

There are certainly times when you go through a rude awakening in a relationship or situation which shakes your assumption that everyone understood circumstances clearly. How often do we take for granted that we thought we knew what to expect of others and what they were expecting of us. And it *is* a shock to discover that a past agreement had distinctly different meanings for you and another party.

I do not think it is right, however, when in such a circumstance one immediately assumes that they have been set up or deceived. And I do not think it's right when in such a circumstance one immediately responds with hostility or anger.

How much better to use the situation as an opportunity to recognize the differences in peoples' experience of reality, their priorities and their points of view. Rather than leap into blaming others for what are essentially differences of perception, I believe people would be much better off by making an effort to appreciate the rich diversity of this world. ::small smile:: And the importance of making clear understandings and agreements in the first place.

That said, don't get me wrong: sometimes people *are* deceptive, 'setting up' assholes.

But not this time. Or so I believe.


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