Monday, December 17, 2007

Take *that*, you happy ruffians you!

"...the manner in which you present this particular idea, which I've seen you express, with slight variation, on numerous occasions, is one that reads like a paraphrase of the central argument in Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil and Genealogy of Morals."

Ahahahahahaha. And boo to you, lover, for stealing my Kant quote, just when I feel the need to follow one paraphraser with another!

I'll instead substitute this;

"Man is still in his childhood; for he cannot respect an ideal which is not imposed on him against his will, nor can he find satisfaction in a good created by his own action. He is afraid of a universe that leaves him alone. Freedom appalls him."
-- George Santayana


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Is that quote from the surveys?

No Kant today:

"If the man is wrong and the way is right, the way follows the man and becomes wrong.

If the man is right and the way is wrong, the way follows the man and becomes right."

December 17, 2007  
Blogger Ladarna Daorsa said...

Ha! Is that quote from the surveys?

No! Totally and completely unrelated instance! But, I'm going to incorporate it and how it came about if I find time for a rewrite.

December 17, 2007  

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