Friday, December 14, 2007

The seeker swims in the clear water.

We do not perfect ourselves, we complete ourselves in each moment. The goal is to sense that we are totally one with the life force, not just in some great ecstasy but in the daily round -- thus reaching a vital state of conscious harmony.

The practice of wholeness neglects nothing, neither good nor bad, weak nor strong, ugly nor the ideal.

Center is found both within and without.

Each moment has richness for those who choose life, so my advice, darling? Live yourself the energy you feel in the situation; you don't need anything more than that to affirm that you exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And when they were asked why is Ladarna called Beloved of the Gods, they always answered "because she loves herself best of all."

"Live yourself the energy you feel in the situation"

Bah. I knew that what I had forgotten was going to be something simple. Thanks for the reminder. And for the parsing of the resolution of my rant down to under 10 words. ;)

December 14, 2007  

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