Sunday, May 07, 2006

What I learned from your advice.

Part of what I learned, at least.

I need better, sometimes, to treat my innate spark of vitality as if it were a candle in the wind - protecting it as though it were my only light in a dark forest on a moonless night. Because, you know what? Ultimately it is.

And yes, I need better to avoid external conditions which threaten to snuff out the flame. And need to be much better, sometimes, at being careful not to suffocate it with my own ambitions and worries.

I learned I need much more rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letting go of the heart's most profound desires brings the deepest kind of rest, though *shrug* sometimes the easiest way to let them go is to satisfy them.

They are the most free who are able to move through the world with sublime indifference to its rewards.

May 07, 2006  

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