Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's horrendously accurate horoscope.

"It's often a challenge for you to circumvent your sense of duty. Even your need for love can be connected to physical satisfaction and practical considerations. Over these next few weeks, however, you might gain clarity about the difference between what you want and what others expect from you. Remember, however, that your actions are more important than your desires."

Quite frankly, I'm already on clarity-overload. And if the universe thinks *I* need be reminded that my actions are more important than my desires, then the universe needs a punch in the eye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you're going to get clarity on your clarity!

May 03, 2006  
Blogger Ladarna Daorsa said...

Woo! And doesn't that sound like fun?

May 03, 2006  

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