Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dropping Five Cups.

Even when we need to outgrow illusions about the people we are involved with, there is still something of value in these relationships.

How easy and often it is to avoid examining your negative habits and noticing how they can impact others. Do you really need to be reminded to show more appreciation for those people who love you anyway?

The Gods know, we can be *hard* on our intimates.

And, really darlings, it's this simple: If you are experiencing feelings of guilt or shame, it may be because you have been too self-absorbed lately. Asking others to defer their gratification simply so that you can have yours is often rude and results in resentments. I am not saying it should *never* be done -- the Gods also know I would be the last who could get way with saying *that* -- but sometimes we very well may be asking the ones we love to be far more flexible than we ourselves would ever be.

And it always comes back to this, doesn't it: be grateful that when the cups fell, only three of the five were lost. Two are still intact, pristine and full of sacred energy that you can use to build your relationship in the future.

Instead of defending past setbacks, my dears, focus on awakening your desire for improvement. Especially with respect to yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I needed this today. ty.

May 19, 2006  

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