Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A bridge crosses a great chasm.

Direction is not simply choosing goals and fulfilling them. All goals deceive, whether one is climbing ambition's ladder, nurturing a family against the vicissitudes of life, or championing a major cause of the people. While these need commitment, they do not transcend the specifics of life. The only commitment that gives ultimate purpose is following Source energy to the end of your days, no matter where it leads you.

Clearing obstacles is the first step to finding purpose. Learn from everything which does not go your way until you no longer want only your way. And from there? Only a small step, my dears, until your way, not your way becomes simply *the* way.

As always, do not forget that the journey combines what happens to us with what we do about it. Act more from inner knowing than anxiety and chose with certainty, never looking back.


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