Thursday, November 02, 2006

Like a shadow boxer, you are in reaction to your own projections.

Why is it only at night, my dear, that your concept of the unknown factors in potential relationships frightens you? At night you seem to forget that this is a paradox, because what is truly unknown couldn't possibly resemble what your ego can project, either optimistically or pessimistically. It would totally confound your categories and definitions.

As you know, when you get stuck on what you think you have to worry about, the truth of the situation goes unnoticed. Refrain from obsessing on negative assumptions, doubts and fears and take a clear look at what is actually happening and what you are feeling.

Feel it fully, so it can pass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it only at night,

Because it's dark my dear, that's why. I see the unknown, in the dark, in the shape of my pillow!

November 03, 2006  

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